Artist Spotlight


Sinix is a primarily digital artist that blows me away. if you’ve ever seen a  someone painting it’s enveloping. The way this man paints is beautiful i watch many of his videos on shape language and design over and over and learn something new every time. Sinix doesn’t believe him self to be a great artist and that appeals to me much like the bests artist they do not see them selves as masters without flaw but as students who always have room to grow when learning about this art. Go check him out his art is amazing! (all art credit goes to sinix this is not my art)



Artist Spotlight

Kim Jung Ji

This man is a legend. His artist skills are wide known and respected. He is looked up to by many even some I would call the best artists I’ve ever seen. Kim can pull entire people and environments from his head without reference and still draw and render with amazing detail and believable perspective. Anyone who has seen this man is amazed I’m sure like I was his speed and detail and creativity are nothing short of the things we dream to be able to do. I highly recommend you check this guy out because his work is stunning and thrilling. (all art credit goes to Kim Jung Ji this is not my art)