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It’s been a while since the last time I drew and its apparent in the page but none the less I still find the contrasting colors of the splashes appealing even if the page is weaker than some others I have done.




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Some doodles from yet another adventure. The portrait didn’t come out as well as I wanted it to, but the character ideas on the other page where exceptional in my mind. there is just something comforting about a potted plant in a bow tie.


Grey Rambling

My sketchbook is beginning to fill out nicely more and more reference image studies along with more playful illustrations. The images on the right are from reference but the ramblings on the left are from my head. Some day i’d like to be able to draw images like the ones on the right  straight from my imagination but that is going to take practice. I was quite happy with the face on the left page although there is clearly room for improvement when you compare it to the faces I draw with reference.



One of my favorite pages as of starting this sketchbook. I think these pages encompass most of my style and focus as of now. I spent hours on the page and used quite a bit of reference but i’m still proud of it. my pencil sketches are always decent but i would like to work most on my line type in my ink sketches. I am positive i will get better if i do more gesture drawings in pen so expect more of them in the future!



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This piece is about one month and two days after i started this sketchbook and one of my proudest pages. Using my brush pen to bring in hard shadows and rich darks wasn’t easy. The lips are one of the biggest eye soars in the piece and their rushed coloring is blatant. The integration of color tone and harsh darks makes this a piece i am very proud of despite the errors, and stands as a stepping stone to hopefully better pieces in the future.